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Four Easy Ayurvedic Recipe to Boost Immunity

Four Easy Ayurvedic Recipe to Boost Immunity

Four Easy Ayurvedic Recipe to Boost Immunity

Covid-19, it’s a curse for the whole world. We hoped for it to go away within months but seeing the present condition it’s not likely the case. 

New variants are becoming rampant in developed countries and sometimes in countries that haven't been fully vaccinated is active as a furnace for new variants. 

These variants are sometimes vaccination tolerant. Amid all this, many countries are opening up, as they have no other choice. 

We need some ways to boost our immunity and in case we do get affected, some ways to mitigate the damage. 

Not always looking at allopathic drugs for answers. I am trying to look at nature to give us a way out. 

I have searched a lot on the internet and locally and found some ayurvedic tonic that boosts immunity and may act as a remedy for covid. 

Pomegranate skin essence and turmeric:


Pomegranate skin

Salt - very little amount

Fresh water 4 glass

Turmeric ¼ tea spoon

Tumeric Tea


Peel some pomegranate skin, you can make juice with pomegranate as it will also boost immunity

Take 4 glass of water in a pot and boil it

When water is boiling add pomegranate skin 

Boil water till ¼  of it or only one glass remains

Filter water and add ½ teaspoon or ¼ teaspoon of turmeric 

Have a sip from time to time all day long. Try to heat it as you need to drink it when it's warm. This recipe will boost your immunity.

Ginger tea with bay leaf:


Ginger (try to clear outer layer then dice it into smaller pieces)

Salt (tiny bit)


Bay leaf

Ginger tea


Boil ½ litre water

Add ginger to boiling water

When ⅔ liquid remains add salt and bay leaf

Filter water when 1 glass of liquid remains

This tonic is best for cold symptoms. As it is proven that it prevents cold symptoms from deteriorating. 

Tulsi tea: 

Tulsi is known for its antiviral and soothing nature. It’s particularly famous for its immunity boosting effect. In India it holds such religious significance due to its proven medicinal properties. This is one recipe everyone will love and benefit from.


Tulsi leaves

Lemon juice

Tulsi Tea


Wash and dry tulsi leaves for a few minutes

Boil it for 10 - 20 minutes

When that wonderful aroma is present filter out tea

Add lemon juice to boost the taste

It’s best for the cold and to keep in shape. 

Easiest recipe: 

Now we have come to the easiest one to make. This one not only boosts immunity but also provides much needed energy to fight covid weakness, turmeric milk.





Milk Tea


Just pour 1 or ½ teaspoon of turmeric into one glass of warm meal and enjoy. 

These ayurvedic recipes are easy to make and anyone can process them and have them to boost immunity and fight covid-19. Hope it will help a few more people to fight this poor time as the world faces its challenges against covid-19.