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Top 7 Exotic Pet Easy to Care

 Top 7 Exotic Pet Easy to Care

Exotic is something not ordinary, doesn’t always mean better but always exciting. Exotic pets were always a craze among the rich and celebrities. Now everyone can own them if the price is right. 

There is a long range of exotic pets you can own from tiger to cockroach. Not every exotic pet is easy to care for. Some are so troublesome-some that owners end up releasing them in the wild and killing them or worse disturbing the balance of nature. Let's check out some exotic pets which are easy to care for.

You may also want one of the exotic pets, so let me help. There are a few things we need to consider when choosing exotic pet if we don’t have enough space, time or money or all. 

They have to be exotic

They have to be small in size as big animals tends to take more space

Easy to feed

Easy to find necessary feed

Will not put you in jail

Easy to vaccinate

Small living space

Easy veterinary access

Now let's check our little friends: 

1.Social rodent Degus

They may look like gerbil but are actually a mixture of chinchilla and guinea pig. They are very social in nature so solo bringing is not recommended. They take up a tiny living space but a lot of space to exercise and are quick tamable. Make sure they are vaccinated as they may carry rare diseases. 

Social rodent Degus

2.It’s a bird it's a plane no it’s Flying Squirrel

These tiny lovely creatures are a sight to behold and will fill your big heart with love. They love to jump around in the house but are easy to house and feed.  They are like little dogs but avoid them if you have a dog or cat. 

Flying Squirrel

3. We come from the earth and sand, its arthropods.

First in our list is cockroaches, why invite those vermin in your house you say. Well some are quite exotic looking and may surprisingly suit your taste. Though many of them are tough to take care of, Madagascar hissing cockroaches are not one of them, they are fun to have and easy to care for. 


Tarantulas the terror for many may look good in their tiny 3-5 gallon container and will be a proud collection of exotic pets for you. 


Asian giant centipedes and African millipedes are some of the pets you may like to have, as looking at their lifestyle is a blessing. While asian centipedes may not be good to handle they are a worthy collection to your aquarium. 


4. I may be cute but I am thorny, Hedgehog

May not be as adorable as sonic the hedgehog, the tiny masterpiece of hedgehog can be a welcomed and much needed inclusion to your exotic pet collection. Surprisingly for their thorny outer body they like to get petted. They are not social animals so don’t make them jealous by putting more than one in an enclosure. They are easy to care for and easy to feed so even children can have one for exotic pets. 


5.Mexican walking fish, Axolotl

They are cute and cheap. Perfect beginner pet you can have. This amphibian takes up a small space in its dedicated aquarium which may cost around $80 while it itself is $25-30. They are easy to feed as they eat fresh and frozen fish, hell they even eat ground beef. Their cuteness and unique charm can be a game changer in your home decor. 


6. Your slytherin friend, Ball Python

Among all the slithering pets, ball python is the easiest to keep and their vibrant color makes them a good pet to have. Their enclosure takes less space. They eat frozen mice so feeding them will be a new experience. But for ones who love snakes and are charmed by them this exotic pet is a must have. 

Ball Python

7. Wild Cats, Wild Savannah and Bengal Cats 

Well it may seem like a normal pet from their name but their unique look makes them exotic and for cat persons, having them is heaven. Both cats are energetic in nature and look more like cheetahs than cats. They eat cat food so taking care is easy. They can be pretty expensive so that's a big issue if you are to go for them but they are easy to care for. 

Having an exotic pet is like living in a fantasy. They make your life colorful with their unique lifestyle and just being themselves makes us fascinated. In the case of exotic pets, always make sure your local government allows them or you might bring trouble on your head. Please do not free exotic pets in the wild as due to lack of natural predators they quickly become pests from pets and destroy natural order.