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Why Use PC Sticks?

Why Use PC Sticks?

Why Use PC Sticks?

 PC sticks are the new future. After the invention of computers, the size of computers was massive. The highest spec was low and the cost was massive. We have come a long way from a room-size 50MB storage device. For a long time, computers and laptops were enough. Laptops meet our need for work on go situation. But time is changing. More style and space are needed. With this comes the time of PC sticks. With smart tv and other appliances which have HDMI ports, it becomes easy to use a pocket PC to finish work instead of laptops. PC sticks are becoming more and more functional and powerful in performance. 

Now let's see why you also might want to use a PC stick.

Brings speed to life: 

Laptops and tablets have been hailed as the boss of portable PC. But with the introduction of PC sticks, they have been replaced as the second best. PC sticks are tiny compared to laptops. They are no bigger than your flash drives. Their small attire allows them to be carried in your pocket or bag. It allows you to bring them when you are traveling and maybe to your relatives’ house. 

Fantastic Media Player: 

PC sticks are fantastic compared to recent smart TVs. You can play media players of your choice by installing it. They also support most streaming services. They give you a better quality of entertainment. 

Tiny media server greater quantity: 

PC sticks can act as media servers. You just need to connect them to your wireless router connection. With the help of software like Plex and cloud services, you can walk with your whole media collection in your pocket. Your theater will be carried in your pocket. 

Perfect for an online meeting: 

Covid has shown us that physical presence is not always possible. It’s sometimes necessary to access connection via video calling. PC sticks are the best tools for this purpose. You can convert your smart tv to your personal computer anytime for a voice call. Use a webcam with the setting for a video allows for versatility. TV’s big screen allows successful online meetings and classes. 

Low need for power supply: 

Your PC sticks have a very low need for power. But in most cases, they have specific requirements for a power bank. So, it’s better to check the specification. In most cases, your power supply needed to give 2.1A current supply. 

Some of the PC sticks don’t have any requirement for wall mounted power supply. They can be charged via a USB port connection. 


The most basic PC sticks can be as cheap as $100. Any family can afford them and they can be a cheap alternative for laptops. Their affordability makes them especially important during Covid-19 scenarios as families need to buy new PC for online classes. 

IFTTT server for home: 

You can convert your PC stick to the IFTTT server in your home and have full control of your smart home appliances. It lets you build your dream home set at a low price. 

Why you may want to avoid PC sticks: 

They are light PC and don’t have a high capability. So if you need to run multiple programs at the same time or you need to play high-definition games, PC sticks are not for you. 

So, go for the PC stick you need depending on your need and situation. If you are interested, you can check the best PC sticks available in 2021 HERE.