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5 Healthy Food For Breakfast

5 Healthy Food For Breakfast 

5 Healthy Food For Breakfast

A good breakfast is necessary to start the day perfectly. This statement is only true if you are eating a healthy breakfast. In case you are having an unhealthy one, it will not only lower your work efficiency but also weight gain. There are some healthy foods you can try

Whole Egg





Whole Egg

Whole egg

Whole egg is the star of healthy food. Availability check, affordability check, high nutrition check, low-risk check. All of its good quality make it the best choice you can have. Most people love them and they can be made into delicious recipes. If you are still not convinced there are some bullet points that may convince you

78 calories for one egg

Good for heart patients and keep heart good for healthy people

High in cholesterol but doesn’t increase cholesterol in the body

High in nutritious protein with high amino acid

Contain 100mg choline per egg

Keep feeling of fullness for a long time

Keep body warm

It will keep you from feeling hungry



Name one thing you don’t want to skip in the morning. Most will answer with a cup of hot coffee. Coffee contains caffeine and caffeine is what your need in the morning to make you ready. It’s tasty, makes us feel fresh and healthy at the same time. The ultimate combo. Here are some reasons why you should not miss your coffee at breakfast

Improve mood

Increase mental performance

Increase alertness

Increase metabolic rate

100 mg of caffeine burn 150 calories a day

Antioxidant reduces inflammation

When having coffee try to have black coffee and reduce sugar intake as little as possible. 


Oat meal for weight loss

Oatmeal is a whole-grain food. Due to its high nutrition and mineral value, it’s the best cheap option you can have to have a healthy life. These are some reasons you should absolutely add oatmeal to your breakfast

Rich in mineral, vitamin, and antioxidant

Contain a powerful soluble fiber beta-glucan

Improve blood sugar control

Lower cholesterol in the body

It’s great for skincare

It keeps you full for a long time as such is a good weight-loss food


Berries for weight loss

Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries are what you need to add to your breakfast. They are sweet to eat and nutritious for your health. Here are some reasons you should add berries to your breakfast

low in sugar but high in fiber

Lower cholesterol risk

Reduce inflammation 

A great addition to other healthy desserts 


Nuts for weight loss

First, make sure you don’t have nut allergies. Now, you should add nuts to your breakfast for its nutritional value. 

It is good for people with diabetes

It is a great weight-loss food

You don’t absorb all fat from it

Prevents feeling of hunger

Having a good healthy breakfast can be a life changer. You will have enough energy and nutrition to do your work while maintaining a healthy body.