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8 Simple Egg Recipes

8 Simple Egg Recipes

8 Simple Egg Recipes

Eggs are nutritious and delicious food. I love eggs. I just want to share some egg recipes that anyone can make and enjoy. I am not a food blogger but just wanted to try and share the fun with others. 

Boiled egg

Boiled egg

They say anyone can boil an egg. Anyone who can boil water can boil an egg. Well, it’s not always true. When boiling an egg, you can under or over boil them. So, here is how you should do it. 

Clean your egg with water

Put the egg in a kettle on water

Add half spoon salt - this helps in removing the shell 

Boil for 3-5 minutes for hard white layer and runny yolk, 7-8 minutes for medium-boiled, and 7-11 minutes for a perfect boiled egg. You can try any method you like best. 

Cool the egg in cold water, this makes it easier to peel the shell

Eat your boiled egg with a pinch of salt and any half boiled vegetables

Whirlpool boiled egg

Whirlpool boiled egg

Now for the funny method of boiling an egg. This method is fun to watch but it may take you some effort to master. 

Warm a kettle of water in simmering heat

Crack your egg and put it in a bowl without breaking the yolk

Create a whirlpool in the water with a spoon

Add the egg carefully in the eye of the whirlpool

Fetch your boiled egg within 30 seconds

Serve with avocado slice and toast

Smoked salmon omelet

Smoked salmon omelet

This one is a bit complex but very delicious to watch. This is a very healthy choice of a recipe as it includes both salmon and zucchini.

Crack an egg and mix the white and yolk perfectly

Mix some butter with it and beat it to perfection

Pour mixture on some ring shape in the frying pan and cook for 3 minutes

Make sure both sides are cooked

Serve fried salmon on top of ring eggs and along with some diced zucchini 

Scrambled egg

Scrambled egg

Now this one is easy and classy at the same time. You can have it for breakfast and serve it to your partner too. 

You will need 4 eggs for a serving

Crack the eggs in a bowl

Add one tablespoon of milk to it

Mix with a spoon or whisk. Better to use a whisk. You should whip it for 60-90 seconds

When your mixture is ready prepare your skillet. Brush some oil on the surface, you can use spray too but be careful of the  fire

Pour the mixture before the skillet becomes too hot or your scrambled will become robbery too fast

Use a wooden spatula to push the half-cooked egg towards the center so the uncooked egg can take its place

Keep doing this till you have all the scrambled egg at the center, your scrambled egg will be moist but not runny

Serve it or better eat it while it’s hot


Poached egg

Poached egg

Now here is the easiest and least time-consuming egg recipe for breakfast.

Brush or spray some oil on your skillet pan

When your pan is heated mediumly crack an egg on it

Make sure yolk doesn’t break

Cook it till you like it. Some like it full poached and some like poached outer layer with the runny yolk inside. Yummy!

Egg fry

Egg Fry

This is one easy and funny way to cook your egg. It can be eaten alongside rice, roti, or bread. 

First dice some onion and pepper

Add very little amount salt to it

Crack one or two eggs inside the mixture

Mix the mixture as much as you want. Mixing for over 45 seconds will make it fluffy

Add oil to your skillet pan. You would need to add a lot more oil than that of poached egg

Pour the mixture when the oil is hot and don’t break the mixture with oil. Let one side get fried first then flip the egg fry

Serve hot with rice, roti, or bread.

Fluffy egg

Fluffy egg

Now we are in the domain of the fluffy. I just like the look of this egg. So fluffy and so delicious. 

Take 4 eggs

Separate yolk from white and store separately

Mix yolk till homogenous and pale in color

Add some shredded butter to egg white and whisk till it’s three times its original size

Mix yolk mix with it. You have to be fast in this step otherwise egg white may start to cool down

Spray some oil to skillet pan and heat the pan

Add mixture to the pan and cover it with a lid

Cook to 5 minute

Add butter pieces to both sides of the pan and cook for 5 more minutes. Pan needs to be sealed with a lid again

Serve the fluffy egg with some salt and pepper seasoning 

Egg curry

Egg curry

It’s easy to make an egg-curry recipe anyone can make.

Hard boil 4 eggs

Spray some oil on your skillet pan

After peeling the eggs fry them in that pan. Fry till they are light brown in color

Dice some onion, potato, pepper

Heat one tablespoon of oil in the pan and add your onion and pepper to it

When they are brown in color add some masala paste (ginger, onion, cumin, turmeric, pepper) to it. Add some water and cook it for a few minutes. Add one small spoon of salt

Add your dice cut potatoes to the mix and let the paste smear on it

After 2 minutes add some water and cook it for 10 minutes

Add your egg to the curry and cook at low temperature for 5 more minutes

Now your curry is ready to be served

Hope you can enjoy egg recipes as much as I can. Eggs are healthy and cheap alternatives for protein and nutrition. They have many health advantages. You should try to add them to your daily diet.