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Make Money Online For Designers

Make Money Online For Designers

Make Money Online For Designers

You are a good designer. 

You have a good grasp of digital creation. 

You are creative. 

If you are all of the above, you have no reason to not earn money online. There are many ways to earn money online when you have corresponding skills. If you think you are lacking in skill, you can always check online tutorials to enhance your skillset. 

Ways to make money online (designers)

Print on demand


Creating tutorials

Host your own youtube channel

Earn from social media exposure

Print on demand(POD)

If you like being independent and be your own boss, print-on-demand is a good fit for you. You will be designing t-shirts, mugs, book covers, etc for your customer. You will be creating your own brand eventually. 

Best Sites To Partner With

You can create your own store from the ground and you can select from some reputable print-on-demand companies to work with. If you are just starting, then working with one of the sites is a better option. 

1. Gelato

2. Gooten

3. Printful


5. T-Pop

6. Printify

7. CustomCat

8. JetPrint

9. teelaunch

10. Printy6

These are some of the best companies you can work with. They offer you helpful tools to make your job easier. When selecting one company check their delivery cost and time. This will affect your business directly. 

Why not create your own shop

With print-on-demand, you can create your own shop to sell your own product. You can easily create a shop with Shopify. You can also create your own website and sell your product as you like. You will need some careful marketing to get exposure though. You can deliver your product using dropshipper. When operating your own shop, your responsibilities may include 





Proofreading (Books)

Distribution (Books)

Partner with an influencer

You can partner with an influencer to sell your products. You can also work with influencers to sell their merchandise. Most of the YouTubers and influencers are launching their own merchandise to get better exposure and fan service. 

Launch your own brand

You can launch your own brand by creating a theme of your own. You can work hard and technically to slowly build up your own brand. There are some tricks you can apply to upsell your products

Offer lucrative deals like three at the price of two

Have accompanying products like matching mugs with t-shirts

Include delivery charge in products price and offer free delivery - everyone loves free delivery

Make influencers endorse your products


If you have skill and time, you can look for freelancing as a viable income source. There is good money to be made in there. You need to follow some steps to make that happen though. If you go blindly, freelancing can be a nightmare. You may not get your first job in months. 

Select a good job market

Create a killer profile

Don’t apply for a low fee

Keep clients updated of work progress

Don’t over-promise

Upgrade membership if possible

Follow the above rules to get a successful freelancing career. 

Select a good job market









LinkedIn ProFinder



These are some of the famous job markets you can look up to. Most of them are free to use in the name. If you really want to earn money from them expect to upgrade your membership plan. Upgrading your membership plan not only gives you exposure to the highest-paid customers but also to great customer service. They will also recommend you to reliable customers to work with. 

Create a killer profile

Once you are done with selecting a job market. Your next main concern is a unique and catchy profile. Remember, the first impressions will make all the difference. You can find some good examples on the web. Some tricks to remember will be to keep in simple but details. The first three sentences are very important. Make them unique and catchy. If your introduction is not catchy enough, a potential client may skip you. 

Don’t apply for a low fee

Many make this mistake. This not only lowers your standard but also creates an imbalance in the market. Don’t apply for too low. If possible avoid customers that are offering too low prices. Always quote an appropriate fee for your service. You can check different forums to see current market rates.  

Keep clients updated

Once you land a job, keep your clients updated on job progress. Remember, communication is the key. If you don’t keep good communication in design jobs, be prepared to do a lot of redos. Even then, you may get a bad review after work. Keeping your client updated will save you the trouble. At least give an update every two days.

Don’t over-promise

Don’t promise anything you can’t deliver. It can be the delivery time or function of the design. Always deliver what you promise. Deliver more than what you promised for good reviews and repeat clients. 

 Upgrade membership

Upgrading membership not only gives you more exposure and advantages but also credibility. When selecting freelancers, clients look for credibility first. Your past work samples can be your credibility. Let’s just say you are a new designer. You will not have past work experience to boost your credibility. High-grade membership can show you are serious about your profession. In most market places high-grade membership comes with a lower cut from the market.

Creating tutorials

You are skilled. You have good elaboration skills. You love to help people. Well if you are all of that, creating tutorials is the correct niche for you. A lot of people are trying to improve themselves on the internet. There are a lot of tutorials. But, when it matters most you will rarely find tutorials that meet your needs. Create amazing tutorials and post them on Udemy or other tutorials site. For creating the tutorials, you can use some free or paid software. 

Become a YouTuber

Why not be a Youtuber? Grab your recording instruments and start your Youtubing career. You can flex your skills on your videos. You can create a video according to viewers’ requests. You can even create simple tutorials for them. Doing so regularly will create a loyal fan base. You divert them to your store to up sale number. You can earn from advertisements and sponsorship. You can also earn from Patreon. All you need is skill and dedication.

Be an influencer

Post your creative works on Pinterest and Instagram. Let your inner artist come out and give people hope and enjoyment. When you work to make people happy, social media will eventually make you rich.

The best way to earn money online is to learn new skills and improve existing ones. There is no shortage of designers in the world but a huge shortage of good designers.