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Top 4 Home Remedies and Tips to Lose Weight

 Top 4 Home Remedies and Tips to Lose Weight

Top 4 Home Remedies and Tips to Lose Weight

Before starting to lose weight, you need to know if you need to lose weight or not. To find this you need to check your BMI. 
Body Mass Index or commonly known as BMI is the ratio of height to weight. 18.5 to 25.9 is considered a good BMI. If you found your BMI to be extremely high you should start losing weight. 

If you have a high BMI you can follow these 4 home remedies and tips

Add protein to your diet: 

Protein keeps your body healthy and helps you lose weight. It’s necessary to maintain good health and muscle mass. You will need muscle to exercise. You can add lean beef and chicken breast without worry. They are less likely to make you gain weight. You should add egg and plant-based protein like pulses, beans to your diet. 

Add protein to your diet

Avoid processed food and sugar: 

One great way to gain weight is to have regular processed food. Burger and nuggets may taste heavenly but they make you gain weight like crazy. You need to avoid processed as much as possible. They are the source of many major health issues. Sugar has to be avoided as long as possible. It lets your body form fat easily. If you don’t want belly fat, avoid sugar. 

Avoid processed food and sugar

Herbal tea and sugarless coffee:

It’s a good idea to have herbal tea after each meal. Green tea is known to burn belly fat. When you are tired instead of milked coffee try sugarless black coffee. Having a habit of herbal tea and black coffee can help a long way in weight loss. 

Herbal tea and sugarless coffee


Nothing can top the importance of regular exercise. Don’t miss your gym days. Celebrate leg days and walk 6000 steps every day. Don’t over-exercise and in case of weight lifting start with low weight. You should intensify your exercise regime gradually. 

Exercise for weight loss

These are the top four tips you should follow to lose weight. Hope you have a healthy life.