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Why You Need To Walk Your Dog

Why You Need To Walk Your Dog

Why You Need To Walk Your Dog

 If you have a dog, you can tell that their favorite time is when you take them for a walk. Dog’s are social animals in nature. If we observe their past we can see they were trained for guarding, herding and hunting. Being active is in their gene. 

The walk is not just a fun activity for them but also an activity that gives them mental stimulation, a chance to socialize, and make a strong bond with you. Here are a few reasons why you should take your dog to a walk

It’s good for your dog’s health

First of all, you need to realize dogs are not bread to rest all day. You may like seeing your dog resting on the couch but it will kill your dog. Without exercise your dog with become overweight. In the small space of your home, they will not be able to vent their pent-up energy. 

By taking them to talk you help them exercise and let them use that pent-up energy. Your dog will behave much better if you take them for a walk.

Mental stimulation 

Your dog is just like your toddler. Both want to know and are curious in nature. Your dog also wants to know new things and experience new smells and colors. Dogs are playful in nature and like to see new scenarios. 

Observe your dog carefully and you see how they act around new things. You are the caretaker for your dog. Through they can learn about new things. Taking your dog to a walk will show them new scenarios and relax their nerves. They like to discover so just let them do that. 

It lets them socialize

While being on a walk, your dog will come to face other dogs and animals. When introducing them you are with your dog, which makes it easier for your dog to easily socialize with other animals. It will build confidence in them and make them less afraid. But if your dog shows signs of anxiety and fear, take them to a trainer. 

Introducing new animals in a controlled environment will be helpful for your dog. It will also let them recognize their guarding space and not attack random persons. Dogs are playful by nature so while at a walk, they may play rough with other dogs. Don’t be afraid if they do that but always be aware if anything goes wrong. 

It makes your bond stronger

Taking your dog on a walk makes your bond stronger. You get to play with it. It gets to trust you. It’s a mutual benefit. A walk is an opportunity for both dog and owner to know each other. 

It’s a good opportunity to train

While on a walk, you get to train your dog. You can train “stay”, “sit” with your dog. To do that, you may need to bring some treats with you. 

Good physical exercise for both dog and owner

Benign on a walk will help you maintain your health. You get to walk and jog. It’s great for your dog too, as they get healthy exercise and get to use their pent-up energy. If you let it accumulate enough energy and don’t use it in any activity, an accident is bound to happen. 

 So, take your dog on a walk. Let it discover the beauty of nature and make your bond stronger.