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5 Shocking Health RIsk of Too Much Coffee

5 Shocking Health RIsk of Too Much Coffee

5 Shocking Health RIsk of Too Much Coffee

We have all talked about the great benefits of drinking coffee. We all know the surprising health benefits of coffee. But this can change. Depending on the amount of coffee intake and your own body condition, coffee can be fatal. So here are some shocking health risks we need to be aware of. 

Cheap coffee can be toxic: 

We know the word cheap is sometimes associated with low quality. Low-quality coffee may result in toxic coffee. It may result from overripen beans or just plain bad coffee. Just one just beans in a cup of coffee may make the whole cup toxic. 

It will result in sickness, headache, or other symptoms instead of a fresh energetic feeling. Regular use of such coffee may ruin your body and mind. To avoid such problems, use high-quality coffee or brands that you trust. 

Excess use of coffee can kill you: 

coffee can kill you. Yes, you heard that right. Coffee contains caffeine which is a stimulant. Like all stimulants, moderate use of them can make you energetic and perform in topo shape. But, use them without moderation and you may end up dead. 

If you add 10-15 grams of caffeine to your body in close proximation, you will die of poisoning. The good news is, you will have to drink around 25-liter coffee to have that much caffeine. 

Be careful with coffee when pregnant: 

you may love coffee and it will also love you by boosting your performance and other metabolic activities. All this is true only when you have a common physics. Being pregnant is not one of them. When you are pregnant, your body goes through several changes to welcome a new life. Having more than one cup of coffee a day may harm that procedure. It was observed that having more coffee during pregnancy may cause miscarriage. Just stick to one regular cup of coffee for your children during pregnancy and also breastfeeding time. 

Coffee can be a cause of insomnia and restlessness: 

ask yourself a question, what happens when you are too energetic. Well, the answer is self-explanatory. You become restless. That’s why we see dogs and children become restless if they can’t vent their pent-up energy. The same thing occurs when you drink too much coffee. You become restless. Coffee is known for its effect to keep you up late-night so you can finish your work. Well, it can be a double edge sword and may cause insomnia. 

Coffee may increase bedwetting for kids:

well this one is of a lighter note than others but coffee is observed to increase bedwetting in children below the age of 7. 

Now lets us come to decision. Is coffee dangerous, should we ban it, or is it good for health? To decide that we need to consider the health benefits of coffee and its potential harms. There are a lot of benefits to having regular coffee. If we check the potential harms of coffee, most can be averted. Just don’t drink coffee during pregnancy. Use high-quality coffee and don’t drink coffee like there is no tomorrow.