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8 Sign Your Dog Is Stressed & Suffering From Anxiety

8 Sign Your Dog Is Stressed & Suffering From Anxiety

8 Sign Your Dog Is Stressed & Suffering From Anxiety

Dogs are intelligent creatures. They feel all the emotions you feel too. To be truthful dogs are more emotional than most creatures. As such they suffer from anxiety from time to time. 

You need to know when your dog is suffering from anxiety to avoid disaster. We often hear, “that dog lashed out of nowhere and bit me”. But, dogs never bite out of nowhere. There are always signs before dogs become violent. 

Dogs express most of their emotions with body language. We sometimes ignore them or think our dog will never become violent. Doig so not only harms us but also the dog itself gets implicated. 

There are a few signs you can look at to know if your dog is suffering from anxiety. 


Animals have a deep sense of personal space. If you violate their personal space they will become anxious and be unnerved by this. Keep doing so will result in an attack. Dogs are no different from this phenomenon. You will see your dog growling sometimes. It can be because you or something entered its personal space, someone touched its favorite food or toys. 

It can also be because something is hurting your dog. It can be internal pain or other symptoms. We sometimes ignore their growling and try to stop them forcefully. Doing so may result in a sudden attack. 

When your dog is growling, give him/her personal space and figure out what is wrong. If you can’t figure out the problem, ask vet and dog trainers for directives. 

Won’t relax

An anxious dog will never be at ease and will be in a cycle of lying down and pacing around. If you find your dog doing this, figure out what has changed with its daily routine. If it’s his/her daily occurrence, contact a pet trainer and check your pet’s overall anxiety level. You will need to take some actions to solve this. 

Barking and whining

When dogs see something in their environment that unsettles them, they usually respond by barking or whining. You may see your pup get all worked out over something and starts barking. Keep hid to their plight and check why they are doing this. When you find the source, either remove it or remove your do from that place. Otherwise, they will accumulate anxiety. 

Change is ears and eyes

While anxious your dog will have whale eyes. It’s when they will show more white of their eyes. These signs are a reason to become cautious. Their ears will be pinned back against their head. 

Their body postures tell a lot

Dogs show a lot of signs with their body posture. If they are putting more weight on their back legs, it’s a sign of them being scared. A scared dog will also tuck its tail. Tucking tail is very concerning as it’s often before biting they do this. A dog that doesn’t wag its tail for its owner is a troubled one and needs help. 


Freezing means your dog is unable to process the stress. It’s very concerning as it’s just one step away from a bite. When it freezes don’t go for a hug. Petting them is not always the right answer. 


Your dog sheds more when it’s anxious. You can see this behavior when you introduce it to a new environment or vet where it will get its shot. When this happens, assure them as they do understand emotion. 

Panting and drooling

A dog pants when it’s tired, excited, or stressed. If it has no reason for being tired or excited, keep an eye on it as it is stressed. Drolling is also a dangerous sign if there is no valid reason for it. 

Always check on your dog to see if it is doing well. You are it’s everything and as such have the highest responsibility.