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Health Benefits of Honey

Health Benefits of Honey

Health Benefits of Honey

The miracle of nature. The answer to most of your diseases. All animals are crazy about it. Yeah, I am talking about the gold liquid “Honey”. Honey is the blessing of nature for all animals, humans included. If you are not bee pollen intolerant, you must try them. If its taste and texture alone are not enough to include honey in your daily diet, the health benefits of honey will do the trick. 


Nutrition value is not the strong point of honey. They contain a minuscule amount of minerals and vitamins. They have zero fat and protein content. But honey contains healthy sugar. Sugars that are not harmful to your body are a blessing. You get to taste the sweet taste while not adversely affected by it. Raw honey is best for diabetic patients. 

But why do people say honey is most healthy? Well, the answer is antioxidants. Plant-based components and antioxidants are what make money’s nutrition value skyrocket.  

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Antioxidant vault: 

Raw honey is a warehouse of antioxidants. It contains a bunch of plant-based polyphenols. These polyphenols act as antioxidants and are proven to be good for your heart. People who have honey daily are rarely affected by heart diseases. 

Lowers blood pressure: 

plant-based antioxidants present in honey can lower blood pressure. Study shows that most people show lower blood pressure after honey consumption. 

Blood pressure is one of the prime causes of heart disease. By eliminating high blood pressure, honey saves our hearts. 

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Burn and wound treatments: 

honey has been used as medicine for thousands of years. Sterilized honey can be used to heal burns and wounds. Honey has these amazing healing properties. 

Honey is particularly effective in healing diabetic ulcers. Honey can be applied directly on would or burn for its healing effects. Consumption of honey also intensifies the healing of burns and wounds. One important thing to consider is, it’s true for pure honey only. The honey found in the market is not pure most of the time. Use sterilized honey for medicinal use. 

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Honey lowers LDL and increases HDL:

 honey can lower the bad cholesterol in our body while increasing the good cholesterol level. It helps with blood flow in our arteries and veins. It also prevents blood clots in veins. 

Helps in digestion: honey is known to help in the digestion system. Study shows that it helps in diarrhea recovery. It’s most helpful for children. They show 70% faster recovery in they take liquid mixed with money. 

The reason behind this is honey’s antibacterial properties. 

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It’s a natural antibiotic: 

honey is a natural antibiotic. Their antibacterial nature kills unwanted bacteria and fungus. For this nature, honey is being used as an antibacterial agent for a very long time. Not only humans but also animals look for honey when sick with bacteria. 

This is the list of common bacteria honey kills

Escherichia coli or E. coli, cause food poisoning and wound infections

Staphylococcus aureus or S. aureus,causes skin infections

Helicobacter pylori or H. pylori, causes stomach ulcers and chronic gastritis

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Workes wonder in cold and cough: 

honey is known as a natural remedy for cold. It treats cold in your and old alike. It is used as a cold medicine in the Indian sub-continent for a very long time. 

With COvid-19 on the rise, honey can be a deciding factor in lowering the damage caused by covid. 

Honey is one of the wonders of nature and a blessing to us. You can use raw honey or other honey products to benefit from it. It’s one of the few foods items which garners a place on the must-have list.