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How To Make Your Fishing Rod Last Longer

How To Make Your Fishing Rod Last Longer

How To Make Your Fishing Rod Last Longer

A fishing rod of carbon fiber material is strong. You can fight big fish with a thin fishing rod. But, do you know they are fragile as well, a simple nick can be their breaking point. Well maintained rod can go for years while poor maintenance will break it in days. 

Here are some tips to make your fishing rod last longer

Fix your guides

Fix your guides

Guides are very important to your rod. They keep them safe by absorbing most of the pull and save both your rod and reels. In this process, guides get tortured the most and a nick is bound to follow. There are a few things you need to do with guides

  • Make sure they are aligned properly
  • Check for any rust and nick on the guide
  • Use sandpaper to clear rust and nick from guides
  • Use a kitchen knife’s sharp edge to check for nick
  • Use a magnifying glass to double-check
  • Pass a piece of cotton through the guide, if there is any nick it will catch on to it
  • Replace any guide that has a nick on it

Clean handle and reel mounting hardware

The handle is important to your rod. If your handle and reel mounting hardware is cleaned regularly, you can expect your rod to last a long time. Use a towel to clean them after each trip. You should clean them for fust too. 

Don’t bang your rod

Rods are elastic and strong but by god are they fragile. A simple nick or scratch can start a bad break in them. Try not to bang your rod on your boat, rock, or other surfaces. Just use it responsibly. 

Clean rod after each use

After you are done fishing, clean your rod responsively. Use lukewarm water or vinegar or mild detergent to clean it. Don’t use anything too strong as carbon fiber may get damaged. While fishing at creek it may accumulate dirt and mud. Clean them with a soft brush and let them dry by themself. When it’s all done store them.

Be careful when you are fishing in saltwater, as salt is the main culprit of rusting. Check for any sign of rust from time to time. If you want them to be cool and shining, you can clear them with carnauba wax too. It’s expensive though. 

Use hand gloves

While using a rod for fishing use hand gloves. It will not only save your hand but also save your rod from your skin oil. Oil from the skin is a cause of worn-out cork. 

Use rod sleeves

rod sleeves

Store your rod in rod sleeves when not using. It will keep them good and in perfect condition for use. Don’t put them away and tangled them together as this can cause damage. Store your rod vertically to keep the blank straight. Doing otherwise may bend them in the long run. 

Just don’t put them at the back of the car unattended where is hot to damage the carbon fiber, please. Also, don’t put them in any place where they will bump continuously as it’s a sure way for them to get damaged. 

Keep your rod well maintained and it will serve you faithfully till them eventually break. Oh yes, they will eventually break. Nothing lasts forever and a fishing rod is most certainly one that will break. 

Replace your trusty fishing rod with a new one before they break eventually. You can check some new fishing rods here if interested.