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Coronavirus Symptoms: Day by Day Progress

Coronavirus Symptoms: Day by Day Progress

Coronavirus Symptoms: Day by Day Progress

Coronavirus is resurfacing in many parts of the world


The world is partially vaccinated 

Many vaccines need booster doze to maintain effectiveness

But, the world has seen its fair share of coronavirus patients. Doctors have found many common symptoms. We can now identify by symptoms if it’s a coronavirus or not. Day-to-day progression of coronavirus symptoms lets us map an efficient care procedure. If there is any sign of it going in a critical condition, we can be prepared. This is one of the partial reasons why death by coronavirus has been lowered significantly. Let’s check coronavirus symptoms in a day-to-day progression manner. 

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First the common symptoms and critical symptoms

Common symptoms

Fever and/or chills

Cough (usually dry cough)

Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


Aches and pains


Sore throat 

In case of serious complications

Difficulty breathing due to lung infection.

Blood clots 

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A day-to-day progression breakdown of coronavirus symptoms

Day 1: 

This may occur after 3-20 days after exposure. A patient may feel uneasiness inside his/her body. They may sweat and feel palpitations. Consumption of cold water to alleviate this may cause faster invasion of coronavirus. Symptoms start with mild fever and cough. Depending on the patient’s immunity system and the foods that they consumed, there may be some signs of diarrhea too. Some patients may just have some mild cough and no fever at the start. 

Day 3: 

By the third day everyone will show a high fever. There may be a dry cough. Coughing can be of varying severity. If the patient is having a high fever and no sign of recovery, it’s time to admit the patient to a hospital. If you are having a breathing problem too, please buy an oximeter. Whenever you are having a breathing issue, check your oxygen level. If you have a low oxygen level, contact a hospital for admission. While waiting for hospital admission, you better find an oxygen cylinder for breathing assistance. 

Day 5: 

Day 5 is a true dividing line. Your present condition will indicate if you would have serious covid complications or not. Most of the patients with coronavirus show signs of recovery with 5 days. If you are that lucky person, congratulations you may have passed the danger. After 7 days a new test can ensure if you are totally covid free or not. But, bad news if you are showing no sign of improvement. You will show a high fever and shortness of breathing. 

Day 7: 

Most affected patients will start showing shortness of breath. They will need an external oxygen supply from a cylinder or oxygen line. Some may start showing signs of improvement. But, everyone needs to be in constant care as their condition can deteriorate at any time. 

Day 8: 

Patients will need intubation as their oxygen level will plummet. Most will develop severe pneumonia. 

Day 9: 

Some patients may show signs of sepsis. 

Day 10-11: 

If patients show no sign of improvement and instead their conditions deteriorate, then doctors may need to transfer them to the ICU. For some patients, doctors may suggest some experimental injections to save patients’ life. 

Day 12: 

Many patients may recover from fever and show signs of improvement. Some may show severe lung infections. 

Day 16: 

Patients may see more improvement and coughs will be very mild. 

Day 17-21: 

Patients have either recovered completely or passed away from complecation. Very few can be saved with experimental medications. 

Day 27: 

Most will be completely recovered from covid-19 but some may still need treatments due to lung infections. 

Hope it will be helpful to the least people. We don’t want anyone to be affected by covid-19 anymore. Hope we conquer this disease like the Flu. We will conquer this with proper vaccination and a properly maintained lifestyle.