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Covid-19 How it started and Where It Stands - Facts Only

Covid-19 How it Started and Where It Stands - Facts Only


The curse of 2020. It came silently, no sign was given. It tore through our already struggling life. Many people lost their lives. More people lost their way of life. I am talking about Covid-19. Today we will try to find how it started and where it stands now. 

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The origin of covid-19 was very clear. One version of covid that is prominent in bats. It was believed that covid first came into human contact from a fish market in Wuhan, Hubei, China. Well, it became the undivided truth. Many scientists came forward to support this view. 

Well, that didn’t last long. After the Chinese authorities destroyed all bio evidence in that fish market many more theories became prominent. One such theory is, covid was leaked from a virus lab in Wuhan. Currently, it holds strong claims to be the source of covid. 

Considering all facts we can say we are not sure of the source of covid. It is also a big reason why creating vaccines for this disease became so tough. 

Some interesting info on Covid-19

First whistleblower: 

Dr. Li of Wuhan was the first whistleblower of covid. He used social media to tell people about the danger of covid. He tried to inform his fellow medical practitioners about the unusual infectious nature of covid. He wanted everyone to focus on this issue and be safe. 

He got shut down by a local Chinese authority. He was threatened to stop and go back to work. The end is his getting caught by covid and death by it. This event is of huge significance. If China gave proper attention to the problem at that time, the world might have been a lot safer. They also cover up the highly infectious nature of covid-19 for some time. It may be due to them also being unaware of it. Europe suffered the next moment for it. 

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First reported case: 

The first doctor to formally report on covid-19 was Dr. Zhang Jixian. She is the first one to report covid-19 as its own variant of the covid virus. She also worked with her superior to separate covid patients from other patients to not spread the infections. 

First spread outside China: 

13 January first case of Covid was documented outside China. It was documented in Thailand. That was the start of a very bad chapter. 

Europe was hit hard: 

France was the first to get hit by covid. But, Europe at that time was not informed of the danger of covid. Italy continued with their festivity and all other countries continued their daily routine. Nearly all countries of Europe got hit by the truck name Covid. Italy and France were the first sufferers. The UK followed closely behind them. The world was shocked by the inefficacy of our current medical resources in fighting Covid. 

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The USA got hit: 

The USA was confident that they would stop Covid. But, reality said otherwise. A deadly mixture of overweight problems and misinformation pave the way to nearly 10 million deaths due to covid. Lack of instruments and late response is to be blamed for the USA tragedy. Economic recession due to Covid was even deadlier. The government of the USA gave many subsidiaries to save people, the same can’t be said for many other countries. 

The disaster of Brazil: 

The negligence of Brazil’s president is a major factor in their covid problems. They didn’t take proper precautions and as a result, covid run rampant among them. 

More than half a million people died which could have been reduced to a small number. 

The sad truth of Africa: 

Covid has shown us the selfishness of rich nations. Africa got little to no help in covid. Covid got a breeding ground and more powerful versions of Covid came to being. When the world needed solidarity and should have stood as one we saw division. It was a sad truth we were not prepared to see in this age of globalization. 

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The strange case of India: 

India nearly controlled Covid with timely shutdown and early vaccination. Then we saw an interesting phenomenon, people seem to think Covid has gone away. Religious gathering and political gathering became the nesting ground for Covid. India paid a heavy price for it. Not preparing for urgent oxygen was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. People died without oxygen. It was sad and unfortunate. The world got the latest delta variant of Covid.

The disparity in vaccination: 

Rich countries have completed full vaccination and going for booster doses. While poor countries haven’t achieved 10% vaccination yet. We are seeing a cruel play where one country is fighting against vaccination and the other is looking for available dooses. Maybe we are forgetting that unvaccinated areas can act as a nesting ground for new powerful variants of Covid. 

From the track record of Covid, we can see that this pandemic has a habit of biting when you are less aware. We have to be prepared and make sure every country is vaccinated. We are leaving in an age of globalization. We will get burned by the fire in our neighbor’s house.