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Covid Symptomps VS Common cold & Flu

Covid Symptomps VS Common cold & Flu

Covid Symptomps VS Common cold & Flu

Suffering from cold, fever, and cough. OH NO! Am I covid-19 positive? A lot of us are having the same problem. We can’t be blamed for that tough. This new pandemic has shaken us to the core. No one wants to be the one at the receiving end. But, these are the symptoms that have been plaguing humanity from age-old. There may be no one who hasn’t got affected by the common cold or seasonal Flu. Yeah, they all have the same symptoms. Let’s try to find out the similarities and differences between their symptoms. 

Corona Virus or Covid-19

Covid-19 or simply known as coronavirus is a new strain of coronaviruses. Yeah, there are multiple types of coronaviruses. Most of which show very little to no complications for humans. They are basically your common cold. But covid-19 is a new strain that was never found in humans before. Its source is still under debate. WHO is conducting its last study to find its source. If China doesn’t impede on the research again, we may get to know its true source. Covid-19 is very infectious in nature. It affects older people and children more. If you are physically fit the chance of complication comes down significantly. 

Fever and/or chills

Cough (usually dry cough)

Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


Aches and pains


Sore throat 

In case of serious complications

Difficulty breathing due to lung infection.

Blood clots 

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Common Cold

Common colds can be caused by other coronaviruses or many other viruses. The symptoms of cold are somewhat similar to covid-19 and Flu. Any cold resistance medicine can be used in cold treatments. A cold usually goes away in 7-10 days. 

Runny or stuffy nose

Cough (mild)

Sore throat

Headaches (rarely)

Aches and pains

Fatigue (sometimes)


Watery eyes

In case of a severe cold, it can turn into influenza. A cold usually doesn’t cause fever but may cause sinusitis.

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The Flu

Seasonal influenza comes once or twice every year. We are well adapted to it. It has many medications available to fight it. It comes with a severe cold and high fever. Much like covid-19. Children suffer most from the Flu. 

Fever and/or chills

Cough (usually dry)


Aches and pains

Runny or stuffy nose (sometimes)

Sore throat (sometimes)

Diarrhea (sometimes in children that may have a cough like substance in it)

 We can see that aside from shortness of breath the Flue and Covid-19 have nearly all systems in common. 

Now let’s see some differences between Flu and Covid-19. We are disregarding the common cold as we can identify it within 3 days. 

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The appearance of symptoms after exposure

Covid 19: Generally 5 days, can be 2-14 days. They can be asymptomatic too and spread the virus.

The Flu: 1-4 days after exposure.

How long it lasts

Covid-19: Anywhere from 7-10 days for a mild infection. For severe infections, it may last for months.

The Flu: 3-7 days. 

So, as you can see. Not all cough and fever is a symptom of Covid-19. If you are having these symptoms and you are already vaccinated, the possibility of a cold or Flu is higher than COvid-19. So don’t always be fearful. But, if you are having these symptoms for more than 3 days and it shows no sign of improvement, test with a doctor’s advice. Hope this pandemic goes away soon. We don’t want another new wave of covid-19.