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Delta Plus Variant - What We Know Till Now

Delta Plus Variant - What We Know Till Now

Delta Plus Variant - What We Know Till Now

It has been nearly 22 months since the start of this cursed pandemic. People of the world have tried and have succeeded in partially coping with this disease. But, much evidence suggests that it is far from being over. The Delta variant of the covid virus has affected many people. It is extremely contagious in nature and has a much higher death rate. It is still destroying our way of life and as if it is not enough a new variant of the delta is surfacing. Many people dubbed it the name delta plus. 

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What is delta plus?

It says delta plus, which means it is way more powerful than the delta variant of the covid virus. Thankfully. It doesn’t work that way. Plus not necessarily mean it’s way more powerful than the delta variant. It means it’s an offshoot of the Delta variant. In some places of the world, the delta variant has shown some changes and thus dubbed the delta variant name. It is significantly more contagious. It’s 10% more contagious than the delta variant. It is also known as B. 1.617.2.1 or AY.1.

Where was it found?

Just like the delta variant, Indian doctors are the first to raise a concern over this variant. They said it has a more severe contagious nature than the delta variant. But WHO is still to dub it VOC(variant of concern). When it comes to the covid response WHO has failed to show proper concern and give a proper work map before it is too late. So, just because the WHO has yet to say it is a dangerous variant doesn’t give us assurance. After Indian, it was recorded in the UK. As of now, nearly 6% of new cases are thought to be of this new delta plus variant. Sound Korean Disease Control and Prevention Agency says that they found two confirmed cases of this new variant. The United States is also another country where this variant was found. It was also found in Russia and Japan.

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How is the delta plus variant different from the delta variant? 

Well, the delta plus variant doesn’t have many differences from the delta variant. It is mutated from the delta variant, to begin with. There is still not enough data to find out the exact nature of this variant and how it will affect the different ages, gender, and races. The preliminary investigations say that it has a more contagious nature than the delta variant. Though scientist says that antibodies found after vaccination still works for this variant, there is not enough data to back that up too. But, we can safely say that vaccines will give some form of protection against this variant too. 

Should we be concerned? 

It is a hard question to answer. We still don’t know how it will affect us. But, we didn’t know about covid and its delta variant too. If we check the past behaviors of something we can make an educated guess about their future actions. Let’s see what happened with covid till now

WHO failed to mention its dangerous infectious property 

The world failed to imagine how deadly it can become for people with low immunity

Countries overestimated their epidemic response-ability

Covid generates new waves and before that, it’s nearly impossible to imagine its magnitude

So if we are to take all that into account we should be careful. If it doesn’t become a threat then all is fine but if it explodes we can be ready. There are a few steps you can take

Eat healthy food to boost immunity

Use mask in public places if possible for a few months at least

Try to be vaccinated if you are not

Use natural remedies for cold to boost immunity agains cold

Hope you can be healthy and leave a long life without the interference of covid and all its variants. The delta plus variant is just getting momentum. If we are careful with our lifestyle we can conquer this pandemic.