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DIY Hair Growth Oil Recipes with Coconut Oil

DIY Hair Growth Oil Recipes with Coconut Oil

DIY Hair Growth Oil Recipes with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has dominated the hair care industry of the world for thousands of years. Coconut oil has many miraculous properties that are helpful for hair growth. One of the most miraculous properties of coconut oil is acting as a solvent for many herbal medicines. If you are thinking of having lush and strong hair, coconut oil is your best friend. 

Hair benefits brought by coconut oil

Coconut oil holds many benefits for your hair. Even if you are only using basic coconut oil instead of a mixture of DIY oil, it can be of great benefit to your hair. It is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids. It also acts as antibacterial and antifungal. For these properties, it’s effective in keeping good scalp health and being dandruff-free. 

The Health benefits of coconut oil are

  • Keeping scalp healthy
  • Keeping scalp dandruff free
  • Increase hair growth
  • Fight against bacterial and fungal diseases
  • Make hair strong
  • Prevent hair end from splitting

You can boost the medicinal effects of coconut oil by adding some more herbal ingredients to it. Let’s find some DIY oil mixtures based on coconut oil. 

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Coconut oil mixture for dry hair

First, we will discuss one oil mixture that works wonders for dry hair. If you use this wonderful oil mixture three times a week, you can have healthy hair and get rid of dry hair problems. 


Two tablespoons of coconut oil (use pure coconut oil)

One spoon of pure honey

One egg

Make sure coconut oil is in a liquid state when you are mixing them. If the temperature is low then it will be in a solid-state so you may need to heat coconut oil. Mix coconut oil and honey together. After they are mixed together, add an egg to it. Mix them gently and don’t use a machine to make mixing easier or for fine mixing. 

When they are done, apply them to your hair directly. Keep them for around 30 minutes to take effect. Don’t keep for too long as the mixture might become too hard and hurt your hair. After 30 minutes wash your hair gently with water then use shampoo to make your hair clean. After taking a bath dry your hair with a towel and avoid a hairdryer.

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A DIY mixture of coconut oil, olive oil, and vitamin E capsule 

This mixture is great for hair damage repair. It also makes hair fall close to zero. Decrease hair fall and increase hair growth leads to healthy hair. You can see a difference within a week. 


250 ml of coconut oil

50 ml of olive oil

One vitamin E capsule

Use it three times a week. It works better if you use them at night. 

A very old coconut oil mixture recipe

This is a very old recipe for fixing hair damage. It not only fix damaged hair but also accelerate hair growth. The most important factor is you can have Rapunzel-like long hair with this age-old recipe. This recipe includes amla and methi. Amla is rich in vitamin C, A, and K. Also it is rich in folic acid. Methi/fenugreek is a great antioxidant and great for hair growth. 


250 ml coconut oil

30 g of amla

30  g of methi

Put methi in your coconut oil. Leave it for 2 days at least. Filter the coconut oil and press methi to extract all essence from it. Add amla juice or powder to it. Mix it carefully and store it in a bottle or any container. Use it every night before going to bed. This is the best solution for hair fall and keeping hair long without damaging hair. 

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Hope these three recipes will be of help to you. These DIY coconut oil mixtures work not only for women’s hair fall but also with men’s balding issues. Protect your hair from chemical products and use natural DIY mixtures that you make yourself. If you are going for the natural product it’s better to make them yourself. You can be assured of not getting ripped off and not getting bad products.