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Effective Ways to Prevent Male Hair Loss

Effective Ways to Prevent Male Hair Loss

Effective Ways to Prevent Male Hair Loss

Receding hairline and hair fall, these two might be the biggest nightmare for a man. Men may experience these two from a very young age, as early as 20+ years. Thick healthy hair not only means smartness but also attractiveness. Men with balding heads get very little attention from their potential partners. Balding is also considered a sign of aging. As such, balding is very bad news for men. In many parts of the world, you may find it difficult to find a good wife if you have a balding problem. For this, men need to know how to solve this problem and be at their best. 

Light scalp message: 

A daily light messaging of the scalp with a very little amount of oil can accelerate hair growth. Messaging improves the blood circulation of the scalp and that in return can accelerate hair growth. One major reason for hair fall is dandruff. Messaging your scalp daily is a very good way of reducing dandruff. While message we have to be careful and be gentle. Rough messaging may make hair roots even weaker and accelerate hair fall. 

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Eat more vegetables: 

Eating more vegetables is a good way for hair growth. Green salads and basil is a good supplement for your hair growth. Mediterranean diets are a good choice if you are looking for a healthy diet to lessen hair loss. 

Eat more protein: 

If you want the growth of something, you need to supply the same type of things. Hair follicles are mostly made of protein and as such adding more protein to your meal is a good way to boost hair growth. When choosing protein it’s necessary to go for healthy protein. Healthy choices of protein include whole eggs, salmon, small fish, lean meat, chicken breast, turkey, etc. 

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Less alcoholic beverage is better: 

If you are a heavy drinker then it might be a good choice to lessen it or stop it if you are having hair loss issues. Drinking fewer alcoholic beverages is good for hair growth. 

Use aloe vera: 

Using aloe vera is good for hair growth. Alovera keeps your scalp cool and its medicinal properties works wonder on a balding problem. Alovera gel has anti-infection properties. It’s better to use natural aloe vera gel than bottles products. 

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Eat more food with Vitamin A: 

Vitamin A is very essential for hair growth. Vitamin A helps in creating new cells. You can eat foods like spinach, sweet potato, mango, pumpkin, etc for good Vitamin A intake. If you are facing a severe lack of Vitamin A, you may want to use Vitamin A supplements after contacting your doctor. 

Avoid smoking: 

Smoking is generally bad for your health. It not only affects your lungs but also prevents your scalp blood circulation. This is a major cause of hair loss. Maybe you are not feeling it when you are young but as you age it becomes that more clear. 

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Coconut oil: 

Most people of the Indian subcontinent will tell you that use coconut oil if you are facing a hair fall problem. Though there is no scientific proof for it, studies of real cases show that coconut oil helps a lot in hair growth and prevents hair fall. You can use other herbal ingredients with coconut oils to make it more efficient in hair fall prevention. 

Home remedies: 

There are many home remedies you can use to prevent hair loss. These home remedies are all-natural and have little to no side effects.

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Don’t brush wet hair: 

Wet hair is weak. If you brush your hair without letting it dry, you risk hair fall. When drying hair with a towel try to be gentle. Try not to use a hairdryer to dry hair if you are already experiencing hair loss.

Try these simple steps to prevent hair loss and have a full head of hair. If you lead a healthy lifestyle you can recover from balding with new hair growth. All of the above works only if the hair fall is not genetic.