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How To Naturally Regrow Your Hair

How To Naturally Regrow Your Hair

How To Naturally Regrow Your Hair

Hair fall and balding is a common problem in men and women. There are two ways to overcome the problem. 

Prevent hair fall

Regrow your hair

There are many artificial options available in the market to regrow hair. Laser treatment, expensive oils, pills, etc. They have a few things in common. You are not going to like their common terms but here it goes anyway

Expensive (laser treatment for hair costs around $3000-$4000 and oils and medications can round up to some scary figure.)

They have side effects 

Most of the time they don’t work

You may buy the new trendy oil in the market for hair fall but instead of preventing hair fall, it may increase it. The best solution for hair growth is to use natural products. Natural products have some simple characteristics

They are cheap

Most of them have little to no side effects (if you are not allergic to them)

They work most of the time ( they work a bit slow though)

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Here are some tips to grow your hair naturally

Message your scalp

If you are experiencing hair fall, there is a chance of dandruff and sick scalp. Messaging your scalp daily can save you from this problem. Messaging your scalp lightly every day will make your scalp blood circulation better. You will get rid of most of your dead dandruff. The ultimate goal is to get a healthy scalp. Always remember, a healthy scalp means good hair growth. Applying a little oil when messaging your scalp is a great idea. 

Use oil

Scientists have repeatedly stated that oil has to direct connection to hair growth as it’s applied externally. But, reality and scientific study of oil use say differently. It was proven by age-old traditions that using oil can help hair growth and makes hair long and strong. Here are some oil you can try for hair growth

Coconut oil: 

old traditional coconut oil, best when it comes to hair growth and keeping your head cool. It keeps your scalp healthy, enriches your hair follicles and makes your hair grow quickly. 

Olive oil: 

olive oil is a wonder of nature. It has too many positive effects on humans. Whether you consume it or use it externally they are best for your body. Messaging your hair and scalp with olive oil will provide it with the necessary nutrition and vitamin E it so needs. 

Almond oil: 

this golden oil helps repair damaged hair. Their omega-3 fatty acid is what you are lacking if you are experiencing damaged hair. 

Lavender oil: 

are you having stress or just want to keep your head cool to concentrate on your work, use lavender oil. In addition to repairing hair damage, it keeps your head cool.

Jojoba oil: 

jojoba oil is your answer to dandruff and hair fall. It works wonders with dandruff. So, if you are suffering from dandruff jojoba oil is your best solution. 

Castor oil: 

castor oil is usually used by mixing with coconut oil and olive oil. It prevents hair fall and boosts hair growth. 

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Aloe vera

Aloe vera is our best friend. No matter hair fall or balding, aloe vera can make it go away. Aloe vera cleans your dandruff. It cleans your scalp and as such new hair can come out. Aloe vera is so good that you can directly use aloe vera gel. But don’t use it more than twice a week. 


Onion juice is a good remedy for hair growth. If you use online juice twice a week, you can see significant improvement in your hair condition. But check the first time to see if you have an allergy to it or not. 


Amla provides your hair with the most needed vitamin C. You can use it alongside coconut oil to make a mixture. 

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Eat good food

You can’t maintain good health without good food. Healthy food is what makes you live a healthy life. If you want healthy hair, you will need to have good food too. Here are some foods you must not miss if you want to have hair growth. 


Whole egg is good not only good for weight loss but also good at maintaining good hair growth. It provides you with necessary proteins, omega acid, and Vitamin D for your hair growth. 


Fish provides you with omega-3 fatty acids and good protein. You will need good protein to make your hair grow. 


nuts provide you with the necessary minerals and nutrients your hair needs. If you have daily nuts you can get good hair growth. 

Following the above advice can make your hair grow naturally. Most natural products make your hair strong and healthy. They make your hair fall problem go away. Using natural ways is the best way. Hope you recover from your hair fall problem.