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Why Your Skin Is Dry?

Why Your Skin Is Dry?

Why Your Skin Is Dry?

Dry skin is a problem faced by many. It can a seasonal problem or it can be a medical condition. It can be severe or mild. But, it is a problem. It can affect how you dress or where you go. It might sound illogical that dry skin may affect your fashion. Will you show skin if it’s dry and has cracks in it? 


Dry skin usually occurs during winter due to cold and dry air. But. it can have many other causes. Despite causes, dry skin shows one or many of the following symptoms. 

  • Felling of tightness, usually after a shower
  • Rough skin
  • Redness
  • Slight or severe flaking
  • Deep crack
  • Bleeding skin
  • Cracks

There are many reasons for dry skin. Some are very common to you and some might come as a surprise to you. Here are some of the reasons that might cause you dry skin. 

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Some skin conditions

Some skiing conditions may be the reason you have a dry skin problem. 

seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff)

atopic dermatitis (eczema)


allergic contact dermatitis

irritant contact dermatitis

These are some of the skin conditions that may very well result in dry skin problems. These are the causes that may result in dry skin even if you moisturize your skin.

Soap is your worst enemy

Rough soap can sap your skin moisture like tissue paper. You may find dry skin even after one wash. Usually, if you use soap for washing every day you develop a dry skin problem. Many of the rough soaps and shampoos cause dry skin and scalp problems. You should use conditioned body wash to avoid dry skin. 

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Fragrance may cause a problem

Any deodorant or skincare products carry fragrance. Regular use of them can cause dry skin. The chemicals used as fragrance sap body moisture. You may see dry skin after regular use of fragrance or on your first try depending on your skin condition. 


The cause of dry skin can be genetic. If your mother or father has a history of dry skin, there is a probability that you will also suffer from dry skin. Also, it can an ethenic issue. Like people of Asian descent who are used to like in hot weather may face dry skin problems if they were moved to a cold place like Canada. 

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Washing too many times

If you wash your skin( hand or feet) too many times, you may develop a dry skin problem. Your skin has oils known as natural moisturizers. If you wash your skin too frequently, you will wash them too. Your skin will be unprotected and lose moisture. End result is dry skin. 

Hard water problem

If your water has many calcium and iron content, it is called hard water. Hard water reacts with your skin moisturizers and creates slabs that plug pores which helps maintain skin moisture. You will see your skin getting dryer very quickly. 

Washing in hot water for too long

If you use hot water for a long bath and wash your skin roughly, you will face dry skin problems. It’s a common phenomenon in winter. We use hot water for comfort when washing our bodies. This results in dry skin. To avoid this problem after washing with hot water apply moisturizers on your skin. It should be as soon as possible. 

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Now we have come to the most common cause of dry skin, Weather. If you live in a cold and dry climate you face dry skin. Cold air holds less moisture compared to hot air. Since it has less moisture than your skin, direct contact with cold air saps your moisture. If you spend more time outdoors in cold weather, you may find severe dry skin problems. 

These are some of the problems that cause dry skin problems. Knowing them can save us from this irritating problem. Some of these problems are embedded in our nature. It may take time to change habits. But if we are careful and cautious of these problems, we can change ourselves.