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8 foods for a healthy heart diet

8 foods for a healthy heart diet 

8 foods for a healthy heart diet

The heart is the main engine of our body and we need good food for a healthy heart. What we eat controls most of our functions. If we don’t eat food with anti-inflammation and other good properties, we run the risk of causing heart diseases. Many agree that we need to eat healthy food for a healthy heart. But, which food is good for a healthy heart? Let’s check these top foods that are great for a healthy heart. 


Avocados are the poster child of modern healthy foods, we call them “superfoods”. Avocados have basically started the whole superfood genre. It has many health benefits that make it best for people of all ages. One of the best-known identities of Avocados is, it’s a heart-healthy food. 

For many years avocados were thought to be unhealthy as they contain a lot of fats. There was simpler food science that didn’t distinguish good fat from bad fats. Avocados contain monosaturated fats that help lower LDL. LDL is the prime suspect for many heart diseases. 

It also contains many needed nutrients. It has a very high potassium content which can satisfy your daily potassium needs. It is said that if you have avocados daily, you are twice safe from heart diseases than those who don’t. 

Due to their newfound fame avocados became costly and have cartels eyeing farmers of avocado. It has become something like blood-food which is becoming equivalent to blood-diamond. Many restaurants are becoming anti from using avocados for this reason. 

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Berries play an important role in keeping your heart healthy. It can be any and all among strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries. But, blueberries take the crown. They are the crown jewel of berries. They are jam-packed with nutrients for your heart. If you consume blueberries regularly, your heart diseases rate goes down significantly. 

They contain antioxidants that are responsible for lowering heart pressure. They also contain high fiber and nutrients like calcium, potassium, magnesium, folate, and Vitamin C. You will never go wrong with having 40-60 g blueberries every day. You can have them directly or with desserts. 

Brown rice: 

Brown rice is the whole rice for your heart. They are very heart-friendly food. If you try them they are sweet in taste and depending on taste bud may be tastier than white rice. They don’t have the perfect allure of white rice but covers this problem with high magnesium, Vitamin B complex, and fiber content.

Just by changing the rice type, you can save your heart from a lot of trouble. 

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Dark Chocolate: 

If you love chocolate and don’t have much of a sweet tooth, you have good news. Dark chocolate is good for your heart. The high cocoa content of dark chocolates ensures that you can have healthy hearts. 

So why wait, have some dark chocolates and add them to your healthy diet. It is shown in many health studies that having daily dark chocolate can reduce heart disease risk by 50%

Olive oils: 

This Mediterranean staple food is a magic worker. It is loved by food critics everywhere. It has a plethora of health benefits. One of the best ones is being good heart-healthy food. It contains many monosaturated fatty acids which lower blood pressure and keep the heart in good condition. 

It has high anti-inflammation property which is great for your heart. This is the reason why Gordon Ramsay shouldn’t be the only one obsessed with it. 

Green Teas: 

This entry came from the mystic east. Though it was an accidental discovery, it has been a must for tea lovers for ages. It is not only refreshing to drink but has many other health benefits. One of the well-known health benefits known for green tea is fat burning. It is high in insulin sensitivity. 

It contains polyphenols and catechins which are antioxidants that fight inflammation. Drinking green tea regularly can boost heart disease immunity. 

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Let’s be honest, when you think of healthy vegetables which vegetables come to mind. For most it is broccoli. This powerhouse of healthy vegetables has cultural and historical significance. It is packed with beta carotin, potassium, folate, calcium, and Vitamin C and E. 

If you add broccoli to your daily diet, you will see instant improvement from heart diseases. It is one must-have food for a healthy heart diet. 

Sweet Potatoes: 

This humble food is great heart-healthy food. It contains many necessary vitamins like Vitamin A, C, and E. It has low fat and vitamin E at the same time which can’t be said for most foods. It have many nutrients needed to keep a healthy heart. 

With the advancement of food science, a direct link between a good heart and healthy food is established. If you need a good heart you need to opt for heart-healthy foods.