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Cracked Heel Causes - What causes cracked Heels

Cracked Heel Causes - What causes cracked Heels

Cracked Heel Causes - What causes cracked Heels

A cracked heel is a sign of feet skin damage. It happens more when you are older but young and children are not immune to it. Many surveys show that cracked heels appear in around 20% of older people. But depending on the area and weather cracked heels may appear in a greater portion of Populus. We can identify the causes of cracked heels by first identifying what is cracked heels and why they happen. 

Cracked Heels: 

Your skin functions like armor for you. It protects you from climate and elements. The skin of our feet is special. They are a collection of layered skin. But they have to moisture-producing gland in them. As such if you lose moisture from your heel they can’t recover from it. You get dry cracked heels as a result. Another reason is our skin dies and accumulates dead skin. If we don’t exfoliate them regularly, we can see light to deep crack forming. 

Cracked heel causes: 

Now let us see what causes your heels to crack. What makes a dry cracked heel. If we know the causes we can maneuver around them to avoid the problem. 

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The most common causes of cracked heels

Constant pressure for a long time: 

If your job requires you to stand for a long time, then you may suffer from cracked heels. When we stand for an extended period of time our feet’ skin can’t handle that much pressure. They extend and as such crack happens. 

Lack of moisture: 

Our feet have little to no moisture gland. If we let our feet lose moisture and don’t moisturize our feet artificially then our feet will lose moisture and as a result, the crack will form. This is the main reason for dry cracked heels. 

Open foot ware: 

Open foot wares are comfy to wear but they have their own drawbacks. These types of shoes don’t offer complete protection from nature and elements. Our feet come with direct contact with air, water, and other elements of nature. Our skin loses moisture quickly and as such we see cracks forming. 

Another reason is these types of shoes don’t have comfortable soles. They can’t absorb the pressure our body exerts on our feet. As a result, we fee dry cracked heels. 


It may sound good to wet your body with water. After all, water is the main source of moisture. But, the reality is just the opposite. Water evaporates pretty quickly from your skin. When they do that they take away your moisture too. If you wet your feet either by washing them regularly or your job needs you to wash your feet regularly, you will suffer from cracked heels. 

Wrong size shoes: 

If you don’t use the correct size shoes, you can suffer from not only cracked feet but also a lot of pain. It may develop into a serious medical condition. 

There are many medical reasons for cracked heels. 

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Medical Causes


Lack of vitamins and minerals like iron and zinc can cause cracked heels. 

Fungal infection: 

If you are suffering from fungal infections, you may suffer from a cracked heel depending on the infection level. This type of cracked heels problem may turn serious and cause bleeding. You will not recover from it just by using moisturizer. 


With age comes many problems. Cracked heels are one of them. Your skin can’t retain the same amount of moisture as you age. You suffer from cracked heels and dry skin.

Some health conditions: 

Athlete’s foot, psoriasis, eczema, thyroid disease, diabetes, and some skin diseases will cause cracked heels. 


If you are obese, you will put more pressure on your feet. You will easily suffer from cracked heels if you don’t moisturize regularly. 


In pregnancy, you may find you are having a cracked heel problem. 


Some people have some genetic deficiency which results in cracked heels problem.