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Top 8 Foods To Give You Heart Attack

Top 8 Foods To Give You Heart Attack

Top 8 Foods To Give You Heart Attack

Want to keep your heart running risk-free for a long time? Well, keep these few favorite foods away from you. These are a few of the foods which will give you heart disease in the long run. They are high in salt, added sugar, saturated fats, and crabs. Over time they will make sure you get a heart attack. 


Sugar is needed and so is added sugar. But, the amount has to be very small since we get natural sugar from many of our foods. Added sugar becomes a problem when it comes to soda. A bottle of soda has more added sugar than your daily need. People who are addicted to soda get overweight. They always live with the risk of heart diseases and heart attack. Even diet soda is not a healthy option. It’s better to just stick with lemonade and plain water. 

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Bacon is a favorite food for many and many can’t think of breakfast without it. Though tasty, it has some bad news for your heart. It contains a high portion of saturated fat, nearly 50% of the calory come from saturated fat. It also contains a high portion of salts. Its saturated fat content can make your LDL high, which is suicidal for your heart. High salt means, your heart will work harder than necessary and high blood pressure. Bacon can be an occasional treat, not a daily food habit. 

Baked foods: 

Who doesn’t love grandma’s cookies. Those delicious cakes, cookies, and muffin, everyone love them. But they may be traditional and delicious, they should never be included in your daily diet. Always remember, things that are special must not be too frequent. Now for food science, baked food contains a lot of added sugar and white flour. Both are bad for your heart. If you want to eat baked food, swap white flour for whole flour and try to lower the added sugar content. Even then it’s best to have them occasionally. 


Pizzas are delicious and can be healthy at the same time if you have different tastes. If you are like general people, you will not like very healthy pizzas. Meal lovers with extra cheese pizzas are so delicious and it will damage your heart so hard you will have heart disease in your prime of life. We know pizzas are delicious and we don’t want to miss them. Just try them occasionally, like twice a month at most. If possible try pizza with thin crust and with lots of veggies. 


Alcohol has nearly no health benefits. If possible, it’s best to completely avoid them. If you can’t avoid them completely, try to lower the alcohol percentage and content. Having daily alcohol or if you are a heavy drinker, you will have a serious heart problem. The more you age the more blood pressure problem and heart diseases you will get. You will also likely get a heart attack from heavy drinking. 

Fried chicken: 

Chicken breast is a healthy meat option. If you want to build muscle quickly, it’s your best option. But, fried chicken don’t include in that. Fried chicken has white flour and added salt that is bad for your heart. The oil used for frying is also a health hazard. Fried chicken is one of the prime reasons for heart diseases and heart attacks among Millenials. 

Potato chips: 

Potato chips, especially packeted potato chips are bad for your heart and health. They contain too many calories for their weight content. They are high in salt which is bad for your heart. This will give you high LDL and many heart diseases including heart attack. They are high in unhealthy fat too. 

Ice cream: 

This sweet tasty cold treat is high in calories, saturated fat, sugar, and other additives. They are outright bad for your heart. If you have daily ice cream if you get fat very easily. It will increase your blood pressure and high your LDL. instead of ice cream try non-sweet yogurt. You can still have ice cream occasionally though.