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How do Cigarettes Damage Your Body

How do Cigarettes Damage Your Body

How do Cigarettes Damage Your Body

Whether it’s an intense moment or a romantic one, hero, heroine or villain has to have a cigar or cigarette to truly feel the scene. Scripts like this have cemented smoking as a cool and desirable thing to do. Reality is far from it though. Smoking-related diseases top the chart of death-causing diseases. In a broad sense, smoking is the number one cause of death in the world now. Let's see what smoking does to your body. 

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Somewhat positive effects!!!!!:

Nicotine is synonyms for smoking cigarettes and cigars. Nicotine is highly addictive. It lets your brain produce dopamine and dopamine makes you feel happy. Here are the positive simulant you get from dopamine

  • You feel happy
  • You can concentrate better
  • You can work for a longer period

But, the effect doesn’t last long. After its effects end, you get into nicotine withdrawal symptoms where you long for the next cigarette to quince your thirst for smoking. If you keep doing it, you get into the nicotine dependence stage where you smoke more to feel good. That's why even when you start as a hobby smoker, you eventually turn into a chain smoker. 

How Cigarettes Damage Your Body

Cigarette has many harmful chemicals in them. 

  • Nicotine
  • Carbon monoxide 
  • Tar
  • Phenols
  • Tiny particles in tobacco
  • Ammonia and formaldehyde
  • Cancer-causing chemicals: Arsenic and Nickle

First tar comes into effect. They blacken your teeth and gums. It then travels to your lungs where your lungs catch them and becomes like a used chimney. 

Then come carbon monoxide, it bonds with your hemoglobin and prevents your blood from carrying necessary oxygen for your cells. As a result, you will feel shortness of breath and your heart will need to work hard to run your body. 

Then phenols kill your airway purifiers that keep your airway from being infested. This is the reason why smoking increases diseases.

Tiny particles of tobacco fill your lungs and your lungs become weak. You lose respiratory recovery ability. 

Ammonia and formaldehyde irritate your nose, eyes, and throat. This is why nonsmokers can’t tolerate smoking. Also, nonsmokers get the same damage if there is someone smoking nearby. 

Nicotine shots to your brain and your brain produces dopamine the happy chemical. You become addicted to smoking. It also makes your heart run faster as a result your heart over-works. It also makes your blood vessel narrow and prevents blood flow to your hand and feet. 

Cancer-causing chemicals: 

Arsenic and Nickle make you prone to cancers. It makes cancers chance as high as 5 times the normal rate. They damage your DNA and bond with your DNA. Your body can’t repair your DNA and you become prone to various cancers.

There are some other symptoms like

  • Increase yellowness of teeth, nails, and tongue
  • Looseness of skin
  • Brittle tooth
  • Hair loss

Smoking is the number one cause of death in the world. It has been reaping our loved ones and presenting us with an untimely death. If you are a smoker it not only damages you but also other people around you.