Beautiful Places To Visit in Bangladesh - Part 1

Beautiful Places To Visit in Bangladesh - Part 1

Beautiful Places To Visit in Bangladesh

From the world’s biggest mangrove forest Sundarban to one of the world’s longest beaches, Cox’s Bazar, and the scenic beauty of Sylhet hill areas, Bangladesh offers a lot despite a tiny country housing one of the world's largest population. Enjoy the hospitality of its local people and explore its fast culture, then embrace the beauty of greenery to fill your Instagram grid. Here is our pick for the best places you should visit in Bangladesh. 


Sundarban Bangladesh

Declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO, this is a magnificent mangrove forest shared by two countries. This forest is particularly famous for the reigning king of the forest Royal Bengal Tiger. This is the only mangrove forest that has them in its natural habitat. This forest is a special one as it protects the delta from natural disasters and erosions. In recent years the ever-dwindling tiger population is showing some sign of recovery, as such, you may have a chance to see them while boat riding. 

Even if you are not a tiger fan, you can also enjoy the vibrant life and various species of birds and incests unique to it. If you can arrange for an expert travel guide you can even see fishermen that fish with help of their otter friends. You will need the permission from forest ministry to visit this protected place, but it is not a complicated process. Pick a time that doesn’t cross with seasonal typhoon time to visit here. 

Chittagong hill tracks

chittagong hill tracts

Chittagong is the greenest division in Bangladesh. This area includes Khagrachari District, Rangamati Hill District, and Bandarban District. This is the only exclusive hill area in Bangladesh. This is a mesmerizing and enchanting area that attracts all. It is a mix of greenery and the majesty of hills. 

Many native people live there, their colorful culture and living style can give a lot of inspiration in life. Like many places in Bangladesh, you will need permission to go there. It's best to go with a tour group as it not only adds safety factors but also lowers the cost. 

Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach

Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach

This is one of the longest beaches in the world. With its crashing turquoise waves and tourists from all ways of life coming to pay homage to its beauty, this third longest beach in the world has so much more to give. You can breathe in its breathtaking beauty and see the fishermen with their small boats fighting the vast sea to haul in varieties of fish to sustain their livelihood. Though this is one of the most visited tourist spots in Bangladesh, so many points of this third longest beach are still untouched by local visitors. You can even rent a tropical home for a very low price here. These homes come with swimming pools and AC rooms. You can enjoy the beauty of this beach from here with your family. 

Though the sea beach is the main attraction here, this place has so much more to give you if you know where to look. 

Ramu Buddhist temples: 

Ramu Buddhist temples

A quiet village near Cox’s Bazar main town is Ramu, you can see some small Buddhist temples in this village. This temple has a very long history as Bangladesh is also in the region where Buddhism first flourished. You can also see a 100 feet lying buddha statue. The main attraction is the quiet and calm this place offers you. 

Himchori waterfall: 

Himchori waterfall

Himchori is best known for its waterfall. Bangladesh has only 11 waterfalls and one of them is located here. It's a perfect win to visit it while in Cox’s Bazar. The best time is the rainy season when the waterfall is in its best shape. 

Inani Beach: 

Inani Beach

With its beautiful blue water and green corals, Inani beach is a must-visit place. You can swim and go kayaking without the fear of sharks and jellyfish. 

Colorful culture: 

Colorful culture

You can visit many tribes present there and take a part in their colorful culture. You can even buy their handicrafts. 


Sylhet Bangladesh

The spiritual capital of Bangladesh. Its lush forest and tree plantation will touch your soul. This district holds many attractions that you will not want to miss when visiting there. 

Shahjalal Dargah: 

Shahjalal Dargah

This is a spiritual place. This is the resting place of one of the greatest Sufi in the world. They brought Islam to this country and influenced the ruling of that time. This place is always jampacked with people as people are trying to pay homage to these spiritual figures for their contribution. You can be a part of this spiritual and cultural festival by visiting there.

Malnicherra Tea Garden: 

Malnicherra Tea Garden

Tea gardens are a major contributor to Sylhet’s natural beauty. Malnicherra Tea Garden is one of the oldest in the Indian subcontinent. If you are thinking about going for a tea garden tour this is the place you should be looking at. One thing to remember is to ask for permission as this is now a privately run business. 


Lalakhal Bangladesh

This is the widest and most attractive canal in Sylhet with its beautiful multicolored water. You can see the beauty of green, blue, and clean waters magic in this canal. This is a good place to swim and have a boat ride.


Jaflong Bangladesh

One of the most picturesque places in Bangladesh is Jaflong. It is situated on the Bangladesh-India border. With its beautiful green hills and waterfall, this is a place of adventure and fun. 


Bisnakandi Bangladesh

This is a place of great natural beauty and in the rainy season the mountains and clouds have a close-door meeting which can boost your Instagram post when vising Bangladesh. 

Ratatgul Swamp Forest: 

Ratatgul Swamp Forest

As the only swamp forest in Bangladesh, it is a miss if you don’t visit it when you are in Sylhet. You can rent a boat to enjoy its beauty in all its glory.